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Shoal - Scented Volcanic Rock Set

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These Scented volcanic Rock set are the perfect diffuser, its modern and beautiful in 2 different sensory scents. Shoal is like a bank of sand rises from the sun-flared sea. Built by wash and wind, it stretches out to the horizon. Focus softened by salt spray, blinding white against an infinite blue. Both amazing scents come with a bottle of essential oil to enhance the fragrance. Add 3-5 drops directly to rocks as desired. Perfect for the bathroom or bedroom.



Lose yourself in the sun-struck salt of the Australian coast with Shoal, locally-sourced volcanic scoria is scented with Milligram Studio's Shoal scent, carrying notes of bergamot, amber, aniseed and marine. Inspired by the rugged Australian shoreline, this fresh, sharp scent is perfect for boosting energy and increasing stimulation.

Top Notes: Aniseed, Bergamot 

Heart Notes: Marine

Base Notes: Amber, Clover, Moss

The Sensory collection evokes the essence of Australian landscapes across a range of scented volcanic rocks and essential oils. Blended with a local perfumer and hand made in Melbourne these blends offer fresh and subtle links to Australia's diverse geography. This collection is proudly designed and made in Melbourne, Australia.


The Set contains:

  • Blown-glass holder
  • Scented volcanic scoria
  • 10ml fragrance


Quantity 1 x bottle. 1 x set of rocks, 1 x glass jar

Size: 8.5(d) x 10(h) cm

Volume: 10ml

Features: Dropper bottle

Materials: Melbourne mixed fragrance. Mouth-blown glass. Volcanic Scoria.

Source: Designed and made in Melbourne, Australia. Glass made in China.

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