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Handmade Wool & Cashmere Bloom Origami Blanket Cream


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This unique and beautiful Bloom blanket is inspired by Japanese origami. Each Bloom Blanket is constructed from180 triangles, resulting in over five hours of cutting and sewing time. The origami inspired Bloom Blanket is sewn in such a way that its tailored ridges forge three dimensional pyramids.  Designed by Bianca Cheng Constanzo, after experimenting with hundreds of patterns, tessellations and prototypes. 

The blanket is made of an Italian cashmere and wool blend fabric, a blend created specifically for subtleties of this design and woven in Prato, Italy.This amazing blanket is truly a show piece, graphic in nature and practical. Cover on the bed or curl up with the blanket on your lounge, unique in form and luxurious in touch due to its cashmere / wool mix properties 


  • Made from Italian Wool (80%) / Cashmere (20%)
  • Italian cashmere and wool blend fabric, a blend created specifically for subtleties of this design and woven in Prato.
  • Handmade in Poland taking over 5 hours to craft this unique blanket.
  • Each blanket is from 180 hand cut triangle pieces. 

Size & Fit

  •  140 x 150 cm

Washing / care Instruction

  • Your Bloom Blanket is made from wool-cashmere fabric which means that it can never be placed in a washing machine or dryer.
  • We recommend spot cleaning your Bloom Blanket rather than soaking. However, If you do need to wash your blanket you will need to hand-wash it using lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Gently work the suds through the fabric and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Do not wring or twist your Bloom Blanket as it will lose its form and structure. Avoid rubbing the blanket against itself as this will cause pilling
  • When drying your Bloom Blanket, gently squeeze out the excess water (without wringing or twisting) and lay it flat to air dry.


Editors note:

    Bloom Blankets are made of a Wool Cashmere blend fabric and react with their environment. Take your blanket out of it's packaging and fully open the blanket. It is essential to allow the blanket to fully expand on its own. We suggest leaving it laying flat on a bed or over a sofa for at least 24 hours. Once the material has had enough time to expand and adjust to your home climate you can then start stylising the blanket as you like.

    There are two sides to the Bloom and we find that the inside with the stitching holds the pyramids better and is good for when the blanket is used ornamentally. It is best to do this with another person for the first time. This allows some air to go in to the pyramids. Do not push in the pyramids with your fingers in order to make them stand as this deforms the material for good. We use the smoother side when cozying up on the sofa. Enjoy your Bloom.

    Any queries you may have pls email or call us, we are happy to help. Email us at or call +612 83991818  (AEST 9am - 5pm)

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