AA Fluorite Slab 1.3kg Large

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Fluorite is a calming and stabilizing energy that promotes mental clarity and focus. Regarded as a stone of success and achievement, fluorite encourages deep concentration, allowing the absorption of new information and the flow of creative ideas. Fluorite crystal is used to help attract and amplify positive energy or repel negative energy. The fluorite quartz crystal is an ideal healing crystal. Chakras: Third eye + heart properties: renewal, compassion, concentration, mental clarity, calm.

- Chakras: Third Eye + Heart Properties: Renewal | Compassion | Concentration | Mental Clarity | Calm
- Origin: Mexico
- 18 x 17 x 1.5 cm
- Weight 1.3 kg
- Black display stand included

You must flow. Clear the fog, create harmony and foster intuitive decision-making. Watch chaos turn into calm and find rhythm within mental madness. I will assist you in rapid organisation and processing of information. Place me in a sacred study space, I want to be where the magic happens... Where bright ideas are made.

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