Bonnie Holiday Picnic Mat 1.4x1.4m

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Functional and fashionable, the Holiday Fringed Picnic Mat adds a touch of luxe to any setting.
Featuring our trademark water-resistant fabric and super easy pack away design these Picnic Mats have premium cotton fringe adding a touch of glamour to any event.

- Partly made from recycled plastic bottles
- Signature water-resistant fabrication means it’s easy to keep clean & keeps the underneath dry.
- Comfortable foam lining allows for long days lounging at the beach or park.
- Convenient adjustable straps make it easy to roll up and secure.
- Size open: L 1.45m x W 1.45m + Fringe (10cm)
- Size folded: L 44cm x W 30cm

Constructed from durable materials that are water resistant and easy to fold. The picnic mats have a water-resistant coating and are best kept clean by wiping down using a damp cloth and water only.

Do not machine wash your picnic mat as this may remove the water-resistant coating and compromise the material. For really stubborn stains you can use a small amount of soapy, cool water and rub lightly. It is important to line hang the mat to dry completely before refolding and storing.