Geo Patchwork Linen Quilted Blanket - Winter

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We wanted to reinterpret the traditional art of patchwork quilting with modern design and made from 100% French linen. Linen is the perfect material for quilts combined with its amazing natural properties and appearance. The traditional quilting techniques are used to make each quilt; each panel patchwork piece is cut and hand sewn individually.

Our quilts are part of our brand philosophy of modern luxury meets simplicity of design; these quilts suit perfectly within the fold of our contemporary take on lifestyle products for the home. Light, luxurious and with thermo cooling / heating effects, make these quilts an effortless relaxed everyday luxury.

The designs of our geo patch work quilts concept is liken to 70s graphic block prints; bold simple shapes and forms with a contemporary take, using only a handful of colours in muted bolds; black, beige, silver greys, mustards and dusty pinks.

All quilts front & back are made from 100% French linen and are hand made with sewn panels, with quilting topstitching.

Our pure linen blankets are perfect for trans seasonal weather; use for all seasons, beautiful showcase piece for extra warmth and comfort on lounge, bed or occasional chair.

Our linen is 100% French linen. Linen is derived from flax plant, premium grade flax is sourced from France, which is one of the best, high quality linen (flax crop) is mainly from Western Europe. The best climates for flax are France and Belgium. Hence the reason Irish, Belgian, French and Italian linens are renowned for their quality.

Linen is the oldest textile material in the world and is made from natural fibres of the flax plant. With more use linen becomes softer and stronger; it is 2 to 3 times stronger than cotton Its properties make linen not only a luxurious but also an eco-friendly choice. The natural qualities of flax make linen the perfect non allergenic choice. Considered the most eco-friendly and sustainable fabric as its entirely biodegradable and recyclable. 100% renewable and requires 5 times less fertilisers and pesticides and 5-20 times less water compared to cotton. Amazingly high absorbency rates; thermo/cooling properties that keep you warm in winter, cool in summer and strength for durability.

Polyester filing is used for our inner padding of our quilted linen blankets. The key reasons why we chose polyester fill is that it holds shape better than cotton, more resistant to wrinkling, less shrinkage than cotton, it is a strong and durable fibre. Environmentally cotton vs polyester both go through many production processes that use large amounts of water and energy.

All our linen is pre washed with pumice stones and pre shrunk ensuring your linen is ready to use, you will find linen does get better with each wash, softer and crease less.

Each premium 100% quilted linen blanket includes:

- 1 x French linen quilted blanket
- Beautifully packaged in matching linen drawstring sack

Size & Fit:

- Extra large blanket - 130cm x 180cm

Washing Instructions:

- Warm machine wash
- Line dry or tumble dry
- Do not bleach, use optical whiteners or dry clean
- Warm iron when damp if desired

What is Flax? Linen is woven from the fibres of the flax plant and is a completely natural and a renewable resource. Perhaps the most ecologically sound fabric of all and it is totally biodegradable and recyclable. Every part of the flax plant is used to produce natural products that range from linseeds, linseed oils, rag paper, soaps and more. Few products are so efficient and environmentally sound as flax.