Essential Oil Soap Ball

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Made from pure essential oils that are great for your skin, body and mind. True essential oils are not only natural, but they are also longer lasting than artificial fragrances. Created with only organic cold pressed oils such as coconut, olive and also shea butter. No nasties in this soap, the skin is the largest organ and absorbs what is applied to it. Nourish your skin with this soap.

- Organic
- Vegan friendly
- No palm oil
- Not tested on animals
- No artificial color or fragrance
- Made with organic essential oils
- Handmade in Torquay, Australia

With a citrusy aroma, lemongrass can not only uplift your mood, but it also offers a range of remedial benefits. Used for its antibacterial properties, lemongrass is an anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiseptic and natural detoxifier. It’s also been shown to help relieve muscle aches and pains.


Designed to boost blood circulation and buff away dull skin. Made with real organic coffee, cinnamon and sweet orange to thoroughly cleanse and stimulate. We’ve also added rich, hydrating oils to deeply moisturise your body.


Made with Australian pink clay and rosehip, this soap is designed to gently cleanse, exfoliate and restore your skin. Great for all skin types, we’ve added rich oils to help lock in hydration and keep your skin soft and moisturised. An epic source of vitamins, rosehip granules are widely-known as an immunity booster. They’re also extremely high in antioxidants and work to fight against inflammation, infections, digestion difficulties, pain and signs of aging.


Made with refreshing tones of peppermint with activated coconut charcoal to help thoroughly cleanse and detoxify. This soap is designed to draw out bacteria and reduce impurities, making it ideal for acne-prone skin. (Though it’s still gentle enough to be used on all skin types). Lather over the body and rinse off as needed.


Used in a range of natural skincare products for its heavenly aroma, lavender is also gently cleansing and naturally antibacterial. This beautiful flower boasts abilities in reducing flare-ups, skin irritation and relieving pain and migraines. Its floral aroma is also extremely effective in promoting good moods and balancing stress and anxiety.


Soothe and hydrate your body with combined walnuts and ground organic oats to stimulate and nourish your skin. Calendula and ylang ylang will work to gently cleanse and moisturise, making this soap ideal for all skin types.


It’s divinely floral aroma will have you smelling roses (with a touch of citrus and grapefruit!). Made with Australian pink clay and rose geranium, this organic body soap will gently cleanse and detoxify the skin. We’ve also added a rich blend of hydrating oils and butters to keep your skin glowing.

I love the texture of the soap - handmade and exceptional quality made with 100% essential oils.