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The 400ml T42 (Tea For Two) Teapot does exactly what the name suggests, it keeps tea brewed to perfection for exactly two cups.

Small + mighty, T42 teapot is beautifully crafted by Trendglas Jena and holds 400ml of liquid or 2-3 cups of tea. Made from non-toxic, BPA-free, borosilicate glass it is a great teapot for two people to share hence the name. Consists of the teapot, glass infuser and glass lid.

- Made of heat-resistant, clear glass
- Award-winning, sophisticated design
- Comes with a teapot, lid and glass strainer
- Made in Germany
- Dishwasher and microwave safe
- Dimensions: H125mm x W143mm x D104mm

This premium teapot is heat-resistant, meaning you can safely place it directly on the kitchen stove or pour boiling water directly into it. We recommend making sure that your stovetop is no bigger than the base circumference of the t42 teapot as this can make the handle hot to touch when serving.

How to use your T42 teapot:
- Boil the water first, either using the teapot directly on the stove or in a separate kettle. Make sure the water is not filled too high – it will rise once the strainer is inserted.
- Scoop your desired amount of loose-leaf tea into the glass strainer.
- Gently lower the strainer into the water and then place the lid on top.
- Steep for the directed time shown on the label or as desired.

How to clean teapot:
-Gently hand wash or place into your dishwasher.

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