Tree Houses: Escape to the Canopy

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Tree houses have come a long way since our collective childhoods. The very definition of a tree house has broadened to now include anything from a boutique hotel room where star gazing is a must to exceptional viewing platforms and, of course, not forgetting a treehouse for kids such as exists only in their dreams. This carefully compiled list provides an overview of striking tree houses across the globe, with designs that are truly unique, inspiring, and beautiful. Leafing through this inspiring collection, the reader will wonder in amazement at the exquisite and whimsical yet sophisticated constructions dreamed up by modern architects and designers.

This beautiful edition is lavishly illustrated with evocative full-colour images of ingenuous arboreal architecture, with a focus on the forested surroundings, verdant treetop canopies, and rural experiences. This book will not only appeal to your inner child but provide a welcome respite from the stresses of modern living by offering a pleasurable visit to the green world of tree houses.

"The new book "Tree Houses: Escape to the Canopy," which features an introduction by Eising, brings together some of the most awe-inspiring modern tree houses from around the world." - Sarah Molano, CNN

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Introduction by Peter Eising, managing director at the award-winning firm Architects Pacific Environments, based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Richly illustrated with lavish full-colour photographs of creative tree houses, all with innovative and stunning design features Includes engaging descriptions for each project, complete with insight from the architect and/or designer A thoroughly enjoyable journey through the world of modern tree house design from around the globe For anyone who had a tree house, or who wanted one, this is both a nostalgic trip and a very real journey toward finding new possibilities available to make treetop living a reality 280 colour illustrations.