Wisteria du Japon - Tokyo Kodo Incense Kit

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Wisteria du Japon creates a feeling of stability, calm and consistency. Envelope your home in the luxurious and lingering scent of Wisteria du Japon. Wisteria fragrance is fresh, floral and green. Sandalwood is earthy and grounded. Together they create a unique and exquisite scent. Ancient Japanese incense making techniques and modern French Perfumery come together to provide a luxurious and singular experience not found in other incense forms.

Wisteria flowers are common in both France and Japan, and are renowned not only for their beauty and the warm tendrils of fragrance that reach out to ensnare us; but also for their longevity. Created by Chikako of Tokyo - Kodo,  a third generation incense maker trained in the exquisite artform of French perfumery. Wisteria du Japon is an artisanal Japanese incense that offers an intriguing scent experience. This 65 piece kit is a sensory treat.


- Premium Japanese incense
- 65 incense sticks each burning for 15 minutes each
- Luxury box with gold detail and special touches
- Ceramic incense holder handcrafted by Japanese artisan
- A mini artwork to evoke the sense of the scent.
- Magical fireproof incense paper to rest your burner on
- Ingredients: sandalwood, wisteria fragrance, fine natural wood powder
- Made in Japan

Historically, wisteria trees symbolise long life and immortality making this incense a beautiful accompaniment to family gatherings, remembering ancestors or favourite memories and morning meditation.