Ayurveda Candle 2 wick 200g

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Illuminate the path to inner harmony with this luxurious coconut butter & soy wax scented candle. The unique hand-beaten copper-plated candle jar has been beautifully crafted by a traditional metal-smith with great care and skill.

Lavender & Lemongrass - The wonderful balance between the calming power of lavender and the refreshing essence of citrusy lemongrass makes it the ideal essential oil blend of Tridosha.

Tuberose Jasmine - Notes of fresh Indian jasmine flowers combine fabulously with white blossoms of tuberose to form this uplifting and stress relieving fragrance.

Sage Mint - This earthy blend of holy sage cleanses the surroundings, while the cooling properties of mint leaves, keep you charged and invigorated all day.



- Coconut butter & Soy wax scented candle
- 200g
- Made in India
- Copper plated beaten vessel
- 9.5cm w x 5.5cm h

Gorgeous copper plated jar with a fragrant scent, lovely gift idea.