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The Perfume Oil Company,  based in Melbourne Australia, offers a sheer and lasting scent, with less risk of an 'allergic' reaction. Applied by a Roll-On. These Perfume Oils are as 'natural' as can be, using pure, fine oils in an organic carrier, with no drying alcohol. The oils are vegan friendly and cruelty free! The range offers perfume fragrances that are blended with Pure Essential Oils only, covering notes that are fresh, citrus, floral and woody. 

The Perfume Oils are skin safe and created according to the guidelines set by the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and are complied with the RIFM (The Research Institute of Fragrance Materials) Standards. Perfume Oils make beautiful gifts or a special treat just for you!

MISS : Inspired by J'adore - Sophisticated, feminine & floral

VICE : Inspired by Tobacco Vanilla by Tom Ford - Sweet, luscious & woody

SANTAL : Inspired by santal 33 by Le labo - Fresh, woody & aromatic

FLIRT : Inspired by Flowerbomb by Victor & Rolf - Sublime, addictiove & delicious

ELLE : Inspired by Madamoiselle by Chancel - Elegant, fresh & flirty

BLONDE : Inspired by Bloom by Gucci - Aromatic, Powdery and white florals

GYPSY : Inspired by Gypsy water by Byredo - Fresh, citrus & woody

GHOST : Inspired by Mojave Ghost by Byredo - Graceful, woody & floral

SKY : Inspired by Light blue by Dolce & Gabbana - Fresh, summer & Breezy

- Made in Australia
- Compact and easy to carry
- Nestled in a sturdy, cylinder box
- 10ml
- Square bottle with glass roller ball for easy application
- Vegan and cruelty free
- Alcohol free

Why Oils?

Traditional perfumes and colognes as we know them, are comprised of at least 80 to 90% alcohol content. The alcohol acts as the carrier for the fragrance oil. When applied to the skin, the alcohol is very drying, which can lead to irritation (allergic reaction) and evaporates off the skin, hence a short fragrance time span.

Perfume Oils have become very popular and of superior quality than that of traditional, straight Perfume or Cologne. Perfume Oils are purer, longer-lasting and not as over-powering. Perfume Oils are available as blended Pure Essential Oils only and Pure Essential with Fine Fragrance. Only Fragrance Oils that are skin and body safe, of ‘A Grade’ quality are used and are in a range of scents from natural botanicals, classic fragrances.

Comparisons show perfume oils are:

- Alcohol Free
- Less likely to cause allergic reactions
- Longer lasting (6-15 hours – depending on climate and activity)
- Provide a cleaner, richer and truer scent
- Longer shelf-life
- Majority are non-flammable

Perfume & Cologne:

- 80 to 97% alcohol
- Not long-lasting (1 to 3 hours)
- Can have a harsh, chemical scent
- A short shelf-life due to alcohol evaporation
- High probability of causing irritation or an allergic reaction
- Most are highly flammable