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About Linen

Our 100% French Linen (Flax plant made into linen textile) is grown in France in relatively small quantities, linen sheets are regarded as luxury item due to its properties and appearance. Linen is a regulating fibre which keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Other benefits include high absorbency and moisture. 

Andrea & Joen Linen is pre washed with pumice stones during the manufacturing process and pre shrunk to soften the linen. With each wash linen becomes softer and will crease less while attaining a silky and substantial feel with a beautiful drape.

Most people find linen to be the most comfortable fabric they have ever slept in, more breathable then even ultra high thread count cotton.No ironing or dry cleaning necessary. Designed to be relaxed in nature with easy care. 

Linen Look
Linen has a special feel to it, it is light yet substantial in weight. Luxurious and yet relaxed, this beautiful fabric creates a truly unique sleep experience. The older and more washed linen gets the better it is and soft to touch and feel. The look of linen creates a drape and texture to any bedroom look. Whether you choose to iron or leave as is;linen has a lovely casual elegance. The benefits of linen is equally amazing, in quality, look and feel. 

Washing Instructions
Warm gentle machine wash, rinse well. Do not bleach, avoid detergents that contain brighteners except on whites. Line dry. May be tumble dried. No ironing necessary. Do not dry clean.

What is Flax? Linen is woven from the fibres of the flax plant and is a completely natural and a renewable resource. Perhaps the most ecologically sound fabric of all and it is totally biodegradable and recyclable. Every part of the flax plant is used to produce natural products that range from linseeds, linseed oils, rag paper, soaps and more. Few products are so efficient and environmentally sound as flax.

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