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All our French linen is EUROPEAN FLAX®-certified, which means traceability at every step of processing from flax seed right through to the finished clothing or duvet cover. Certified European Flax® fibre is produced exclusively in France, Belgium, or the Netherlands.

We strongly believe in the ethos buy once buy well, shop quality over quantity. We don't use plastic packaging choosing instead to use recycle corn made satchels, shred, wrap paper and plastic waste for shipping your products. Where possible, we use 100% carbon neutral couriers.

We intentionally source Australian first in brands across our heavily curated wellness, homewares and ceramics and all brands that have the same sustainable values, such as environmental impact and ethical supply chains.

Choose Natural Material

Up to 40% of fashion’s carbon emissions are from the production of polyester and is expected to grow by 47% over the next 10 years

Choose natural materials such as organic cotton, linen or hemp. We choose to make in quality French linen. Linen is 30% stronger than cotton, uses less water to cultivate, is an entirely renewable, biodegradable resource

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Recycle & Reuse

Humanity is using natural resources 1.7 times faster than our planet can regenerate them. We see this as a call to action to use materials wisely, without waste and for as long as possible

We choose to represent a brand that is using recycle material such as Jeanerica. Jeanerica's denim consist of +50% fibres made from recycled materials, and constantly strive to increase the use of non-virgin materials

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Choose Community

Contributes to a better world by choosing brands that are manufactured in their own community, connected
to the place, people behind them, local economy, and environment

Discover our organic certified ACO, Australian organic loose leaf teas OEKO-TEX® & GOTS certified, homewares to hand made incense and raffia pieces in support of women to elevate living standards

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