Full Moon Amazonite Earrings

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Chain buckle:

Length 11.5cm

Stem length: 5 cm

2mm semi-precious beads

Made with love in Marseille workshop.


Brass piece gilded with 1 micron fine gold, guaranteed nickel and cadmium free (component that often causes allergies)


Even if we bring a lot of attention to the gilding, we advise you to avoid any prolonged contact with water, whether fresh, salty or chlorinated, perspiration or humidity in general. Remember to remove your jewelry when using chemicals or maintenance products, and other creams, perfumes or lotions of all kinds. When you are not wearing it, in order to keep all its shine and brilliance, avoid leaving it in the open air or in the light, also remember to store it in its original case.

These few tips can significantly extend the life of your jewelry. Poor maintenance accentuates the wear of the gold layer.