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Designed with life in mind, the Huski Beer Cooler is a premium high-performance cooler that keeps your beer ice-cold while you drink. Great for BBQs, out on the boat, a day at the beach or in the comfort of your own home. Perfect for anyone who enjoys a cold beer. The Huski Beer Cooler works off the shelf, so all you need to do is grab a cold bottle or can from the fridge and push it through the lid and into the cooler. Alternatively, you can pour your drink into the cooler and use it as a tumbler.

The secret behind Huski’s remarkable ability to keep drinks at the perfect temperature longer is the triple insulation. All Huski coolers are double-walled, vacuum insulated and copper lined for maximum thermal performance. Huski Beer Coolers are built to last with corrosion resistant marine grade 316 stainless steel. Perfect for gifting, Huski Wine Coolers come packaged in die-cut kraft presentation boxes which are 100% recyclable. 

- Keeps your drink ice-cold.
- Triple insulated for maximum performance
- Fits more beers, better
- Fits most 330ml, 355ml & 375ml bottles and cans
- Detachable 3-in-1 opener
- Pops, twists and slides to open bottles and cans
- Marine grade quality
- Built with corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel
- No condensation. Stay-dry design keeps hands and table dry
- Shaped to fit your hand. Scalloped side panels for a better grip
- Slip-resistant base. Soft touch silicone pads protect and stabilise
- Dual-function design. Works as a cooler and a tumbler
- Product external diameter 80mm
- Internal diameter 67mm; height 134mm; capacity 300ml
- Designed in New Zealand

The Huski Beer Cooler adjusts to fit your drink with its Push-Fit Flexilock™ Vented Lid, and fits most 330ml, 355ml and 375ml bottles and cans. Some larger cans also fit (440ml and 500ml) but more of the can is exposed outside of the cooler. The maximum vessel diameter that will fit is 66mm.

Its so practical and perfect when you are on the go. Good Design Award Winner 2021, Best Design Awards Finalist 2021 and New York Product Design Award 2022.

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