Matt Black Candle Holders Set of 2

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Inspired by European form and the Australian lifestyle, these matt black candle holders are chic and minimalist, they look stunning with our ombre beewax candles or white tapered candles for a classic look.

- Size: Diameter: 6.5 cm x Height: 35.5 cm
- Made from aluminum

Care Instructions:

Dust the surface regularly to avoid build-up of pollutants, which may cause the surface to rust. Due to the finish, scratches may show up more easily. Abrasive objects and cleaning products should be avoided, including steel wool and scouring pads as they will scratch and damage the metal surface.

Do not use bleach or detergents. Avoid contact with sharp or hard objects as this will cause scratching.

Stunning candle holders, mix it up with different candles to suit different occasions.