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Organic Smudge Wands

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Smudging Wands have been used in many cultures around the world to connect with the divine, raise vibrations and clearing energy. This practice is called smudging, sage is used commonly for this spiritual communion and ritual practice. Flowers have also been used as offerings to deities these wands have combined the two as an offering to the universe to hear our affirmations and prayers.

Use these wands for:
- Before and after someone enters your home
- When the energy feels stagnant
- Before meditation, yoga, or ritual
- After sickness or conflict
- During the new moon
- When you begin a new job, start your own business, or are starting on a new project
- As a daily ritual, when asking the universe for divine help or self-affirmations

Intuitively created, certified organic, hand-made smudging wands.

Love Wand
Rose teaches spirit divine, love and beauty. The thyme herb of affection creates an irresistible energy field and brings courage to the heart and spirit. Sage clears negativity, allowing the heart to heal and become open to receiving as well as giving deep true love.

Balance Wand
Sage clears our mind and body and soul of unwanted energy, cinnamon’s spicy uplifting energy inspires the spirit to create and live in full power. While Blue Lotus uses its beauty and strong powers to heal our whole energy field. Bringing our spirit into total balance and harmony.

Zen Wand
Sage clears our mind body and soul of unwanted energy, lavender eases the mind into a relaxed sacred space and rosemary brings clarity to the mind and protects the spirit or space of unwanted energy.

Purify Wand
Sage clears our mind body and soul of unwanted energy, tea tree cleanses the soul of toxicity. Bringing in fresh and clean energy and Star anise works as a spirit guide connecting to the cosmos to enhance intuition.

Add the smudging to your daily ritual clear the negative energy and bring on the new. I love these wands they smell incredible and I start my day with an intention while waving the wand.