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Icelandic Sheepskin White


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Luxurious, beautiful large Icelandic sheepskin rugs. Available in White & Rust. Icelandic Sheep are one of the oldest most purest breeds of domestic sheep in the world. They have the most amazing long wavy hair with incredible subtle blend of colours and markings. ⁠

⁠The sheepskin is ethically sourced and is a bi product of the meat industry. They are not dyed or treated to achieve their colour, the colour is all natural and those blonde tips on the rust colour are just sun bleached when they are on the Icelandic sheep.⁠

⁠Descended from sheep the Vikings brought to Iceland, Icelandic sheepskin is thicker and long as compared with Australian sheepskin wool is very high whereas the longer Icelandic wool lays flat. ⁠

Perfect to lay across your bed, chair or as a rug.
Size is generous at 102cm L x 66cm W for White / Rust size is L 102cm L x 66cm W

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