Koda Textured Vest

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Let the winter season in with this ideal mid-season sleeveless sweater. Perfect over a blouse or dress a go to for between seasons and layering, so versatile. Oversized for a relaxed look, beautiful detailing in the patterns to create texture. I love this piece for layering when you need the extra warmth.

- Loose fit, sleeveless
- Reversible, V-neck in back or front
- Twists on sleeves and on the front
- Deep shoulders for a oversized silhouette
- Openwork stitches, twists and pompoms
- Rib-stitch at collar, cuffs and bottom
- Composition 60% Acrylic, 24% Wool, 10% Polyester, 6% Alpaca

Established in 2012, through each collection Louise Misha plays with fabrics and colours to imagine far away places and capturing the free spirit of a woman. Collections feature their signature detailing, embroidery and designs.

"Louise Misha advocates an art of living, values and principles at the center of which the human being fits naturally. Louise Misha is a hand stretched out towards a fashion that raises awareness of its responsibility at each level of its development. Far beyond the production of simple clothes, the brand works to imagine a free and independent fashion, a fashion that conserves resources and a fashion that is committed to raising awareness."

Marie Pidancet, Louise Misha’s founder and designer

Among plant-based materials, Louise Misha mainly uses natural fibers like wool, cotton, organic cotton and silk. The organic cotton used in our organic line is grown without pesticides, insecticides or chemical fertilizer and without GMOs. Growing organic cotton also consumes much less water in comparison with growing conventional cotton. With exception for knitwear a mix of man made and natural fibers.