Murmure de la Foret Kit - Tokyo Kodo Incense Kit

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Translating to “Whisper of the forest”,this artisanal incense is both profound and complex, conjuring visions of the great outdoors and slow walks in the forest.  

A soft and woodsy scent that will fill your space with warmth for hours. Melds together ancient and revered sandalwood with peppery, grassy tones of cistus, patchouli, clove and vetiver and a touch of sweetness from raspberry. Promotes a feeling of quiet tranquillity and joy in solitude. Feel inspired and soothed by this sumptuous scent.

100% natural Murmure de la Foret Japanese Incense will come to you in a luxury gift kit with sixty five individual pieces, each burning for approximately 15 minutes. Also included is a handcrafted ceramic incense holder colour coordinated with the incense and miniature artwork. Made in Tokyo, Japan. 

- Premium Japanese incense
- 65 incense sticks each burning for 15 minutes each
- Luxury box with gold detail and special touches
- Ceramic incense holder handcrafted by Japanese artisan
- A mini artwork to evoke the sense of the scent.
- Magical fireproof incense paper to rest your burner on
- Ingredients 100% natural sandalwood, clove, vetiver, fine natural wood powder

Perfect for Rainy weekends when you long for the outdoors, Restorative yoga sequences, Soothing tired minds and Evening relaxation

This deeply complex incense has been crafted with immense precision to kindle treasured memories of the creator, Chikako’s, grandfather’s house. Chikako speaks of her grandfather’s house as being full of different tree scents; Murmure de la Foret honours the safety and peace she felt in her childhood. Expertly combining the intricately-layered scent of sandalwood with spicy clove, vetiver and other woody and herbaceous notes.

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