Rose Quartz Crystal Sphere with Stand

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Rose Quartz is said to open the heart to the beauty within and all around us, and will begin its healing by helping forgiveness, and releasing old issues. It encourages kindness on all levels. It teaches forgiveness and tolerance bringing kindness and love into the heart for yourself and others.

  • Supports self love

  • Attracts love to you

  • Encourages emotional warmth around you

  • Empowers healthy, loving relationships and friendships

  • Dissolves emotional scars and fear around love


Diameter 20.5 cm

Diameter 25.5 cm

Crystals are beautiful and have a calming and soothing effect for your soul. Crystals not only promote balance and calm when styled, it is a natural and unique highlight to your living space. Crystals emit steady vibrations that help to create balance within oneself and Zen into the spaces around us. For thousands of years crystals have been used for their powerful healing properties.