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The Little Book Of Angels

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Call on Your Angels for Healing and Blessings. A beginner's introduction to angel divination, featuring inspirational words, phrases and techniques to channel your angels.

Learn how to connect with your angel spirit guides, see, hear and feel their presence, channel their power and summon them in time of need. Here you will also discover the hierarchy of angels and the properties each one governs. Whether they are divine messengers, faithful guardians or mystical celestial beings, angels offer inspiration and comfort. You will discover which ones to call for specific needs, such as strength, healing, protection, messaging, opportunity, romance, friendship, travel, energy, finances, forgiveness, and concentration. Let your angels guide your way through life, enriching your experiences and your journey.

- Format: Hardcover
- Language: English
- Number Of Pages: 192
- Country of Publication: GB
- Dimensions (cm): 13.7 x 11.3 x 1.91

The Hierarchy of Angels: An overview of the different tiers and types of angels that serve as spirit guides - The Powers of Angels: Understand the unique powers and abilities of each angel, as well as their weaknesses
- Your Guardian Angel: Learn how to see and hear your own unique guardian angel
- The Archangels: The leaders in the angel world have powerful, very large energies, which you may feel shift in a room. Each one has their speciality signature. For example, Raphael's is healing and Michael's is protection; they can work with many humans at once
- Connecting with the Angels: Rituals and simple techniques for welcoming, connecting to and calling on your angels, as well as how to speak and listen, angel gazing and channelling messages
- Blessings & Invocations: Blessings, prayers and invocations for help, healing, love, protection, safety, strength, money, inspiration and answers to your questions.

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