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Gemstone Crystal Pendulum

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"A pendulum is a tool that is used to connect to your higher self and 'source' by asking questions to help guide, clarify, and raise your awareness," says reiki healer Kelsey Patel. The pendulum is a form of reflection by asking questions to receive guidance, awareness, and understanding.

Pendulums are used as tools for spiritual healing and inner growth, the pendulum will swing back and forth or in a circular motion. It is believed that the crystal will absorb the energy that would cloud or influence information. 

We have a selection of pendulums with various sizes, approximate length 3-5 cm and 1-2 cm in width at the top, each crystal is unique as they are cut from raw crystals

There are many websites that give a step by step instructions, see below for links. Try your hand at asking the divine for answers.