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Pink Aragonite Tower 1 - Large

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Pink Aragonite, a type of Aragonite is a powerful heart-healing stone. It promotes patience, stability and peace, especially in your love life. It teaches acceptance, tolerance, and discipline and calls us to let go of emotional fears or stress.

Emotional Stabiliser ⋆ Centering ⋆ Patience ⋆ Discipline ⋆ Tolerance ⋆ Trust ⋆ Love ⋆ Calming ⋆ Anchoring

- Chakras: Base + Sacral
- Properties: Centring | Patience | Insight | Calming | Stabilising
- Height: 12cm Width: 4cm

Take a breath and wait. Sometimes a little patience prevents a whole lot of trauma. Think twice about lashing out or ‘losing the plot’ when things get too much for you. My stabilising energy keeps you calm, diffusing the tension that builds from having too much on your plate. Stay centred and tackle each responsibility one at a time. I bring insight to the basis of your problems and lead you into a healthy state of mind.

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