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Contemporary French Linen Duvet Covers and Bed Sheets, relaxed everyday Luxury

Sleep well in Andrea & Joen high quality 100% French linen sheets. The ultimate in luxury, this bedding is sumptuous, soft and silky and it drapes beautifully on the bed. The supple texture and stylish appearance of pure linen sheets has made Andrea & Joen a perfect choice for the discerning buyer who appreciates the comfort only high quality French duvet covers and bed sheets can provide.               

French linen duvet covers and bedding is the ultimate in comfort and style

Made from flax, one of Mother Nature’s strongest and most sustainable fibres, the natural beauty and luxurious feel of a pure linen duvet set or blankets simply cannot be matched or replicated. Nonetheless, it’s the properties of pure linen which make it remarkable.

Naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal with wonderful anti-allergenic properties the natural fibres make it the perfect option for children, older people or anyone with sensitive skin.

For anyone who has suffered through a hot Australian summer night, you will love the natural softness and coolness of pure linen sheets. The exceptional material works as a thermo-regulator, skin can breathe naturally and your luxurious sheets feel blissfully cool to the touch in summer and wonderfully warm in winter.

Pure French bed linen luxury is also an eco-friendly sustainable option

Andrea & Joen pure linen sheet and duvet sets are woven from the finest French flax - a crop that is sustainably grown in the cooler northern regions of France.  Flax is an eco-friendly crop because it’s naturally robust and requires little or no chemicals.

During the manufacturing process, our linens are pre-washed with stones to soften the fibres and then pre-shrunk to ensure a perfect fit. With each wash, you will find your French linen sheets become exquisitely soft with a silky texture that dresses your bed to perfection.

Our bed linen sets are now available online in Australia. With unique textures, weaves in an understated style, we combine a palette of subtle modern colours with simple stitching details for the ultimate in sophisticated bed linen.

We hope you enjoy our luxury duvet covers, sheets and quilts. View the Andrea & Joen French linen collection here.