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Brazilian Incan Incense Sticks

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Our Brazilian Incan Incenses are artisan-made using traditional incense making techniques, using powerful aromatic herbs, oils and breu resin. These Brazilian incense makers have advanced knowledge of ancient Incan rituals and ceremonies having studied the subject extensively to create this amazing incense.


- Size: 12-14cm (long)- they are also very thick (approximately 1cm).
- Burn time: please note these incense sticks have an incredibly long burn time of up to 120 mins per stick.
- Each bundle has 5 sticks of incense.


Premium Brazilian Breuzinho Incense Sticks infused with Sandalwood, hand rolled by Brazilian artisans, using a traditional Incan incense making technique. Sandalwood is a sacred tree native to Asia, it is highly revered and as a result, is protected by the government until it's natural death process begins.

Sandalwood is highly recommended for any spiritual rituals and practices as it is believed to enhance the properties of all ingredients that it is combined with. It is further believed to strengthen gratitude for life. It has a mild aroma that is warm and woody.


Premium Brazilian Breuzinho Resin Incense Sticks infused with Lemongrass oils, hand rolled by Brazilian artisans, using a traditional Incan incense making technique.

Lemongrass mainly stems from Mexican Folk Magic traditions where the herb was used for protection, to ward off any negative energies, for healing and purification purposes. It was also used in good luck rituals, believed to have the strength and energy to turn your luck around completely. Lemongrass has a rich and strong aroma that is ideal for cleansing rituals, lifting energy levels especially in situations where you require a positive energy shift.

Incredible incense, last a long time and fills the room very quickly with its aroma.